Chain box


In order to ensure maximum anchor holding power, a short length of chain should be used between the anchor line/rope and anchor. The chain is more resistant to dragging on the bottom, to prevent anchor line/rope damage. Furthermore, the chain keeps the anchor’s hooking angle sharp for better hold. In many cases, even five metres of chain is sufficient.

The Atlantic chain box accommodates 6 metres of 10 mm chain. The box can be installed onto vertical-inclined and horizontal pipes or by combined installation, for example, the top end to a horizontal pipe and the bottom end to a vertical pipe. This is made possible by fasteners that can be rotated 360 degrees. Rotating the fasteners requires some effort – this is necessary to prevent the box from clinking and rattling all the time in stormy weather or when using the engine. When rotating the fasteners, use a hammer, for example, for knocking on the fasteners to force them turn easier. When mounting the box between two horizontal pipes, adjust the distance between fasteners accordingly. Distance between railing pipes: 250-330 mm. Pipe diameter: 22-30 mm. 10 mm stainless screws are used in the fasteners. There are holes for water discharge in the box bottom.

There are chain fixation slots at box edges to prevent the chain from running out of the box on its own.

  • box diameter 140 mm
  • length 370 mm
  • weight 2.4 kg
  • stainless steel

Price: 153,00 €

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Atlantic-kettinkiboksi Atlantic-kettinkiboksi