Atlantic stock anchor 7.3 kg

Why cannot an anchor look traditional, but be made of stylish stainless steel? Why can’t I use a traditional anchor, which I consider the best? The Atlantic stock anchor is the right choice for you. The surfaces are glossy and the structure easy to use. Electropolished surfaces are shiny and so smooth that mud and clay do not adhere – when lifting the anchor, the bottom mud and clay are almost completely washed off the surfaces.

The anchor’s holding power is based on interaction between anchor weight and embedding in the bottom; in this connection, the fluke area is of great importance. There are different kinds of bottoms, which differ somewhat by the hooking angle required. But adjusting this angle every time is not possible? Indeed, which is why the average optimal hooking angle between the arm and the fluke, 30 degrees, has been chosen for the Atlantic stock anchor. The flukes are large as compared to the more traditional stock anchors, which means that they efficiently embed and stay in the bottom. Using a few metres of chain between the anchor rope and the anchor helps with the holding power, since the hooking angle remains sufficiently sharp even if the rope is short.

The Atlantic stock anchor is convenient to store. The transverse stock on the shaft can be turned parallel to the flukes using a simple mechanism, so that it does not stick out while the flukes are in the straight position (next to vessel side, for example).

Furthermore, even though the anchor looks exceptionally sleek, its structure is extremely durable and rigid owing to successful choice of materials. It comes with a sprinkle of our magic!
Atlantic-tukkiankkurit, mallit: 5,2 kg / 7,3 kg / 10 kg

Most important dimensions (7.3 kg):

  • distance between fluke tips 470 mm
  • transverse stock 540 mm
  • height 580 mm

Price: 331,00 €

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Atlantic-tukkiankkurit, mallit: 5,2 kg / 7,3 kg / 10 kg