Atlantic line spool 6 ton / 45 m

The Atlantic line spool 6 ton 45 m is equipped with the strongest of our standard lines.  It is suitable for mooring in nature and anchoring if the water depth is approx. 12.5 metres. In case of anchoring, the basic rule is that the anchor line length must be equal to 3-4 times the depth.

The line tensile strength is 6 tons. The loop stitches reduce the durability somewhat, but lifting a boat is not the same as mooring or anchoring. Such tensile strength is usually used for mooring and anchoring 5,000-10,000 kg boats, but the tensile strength is completely case-specific and at the discretion of the user. The decision is up to the captain! Note that the 6-ton line is easy to handle owing to its thickness. In your arms, it twists in a soft rope-like manner.

Since the spool is made of stainless steel, it retains its original shiny and clean appearance year after year.  The 6 mm material thickness means that the spool is the strongest one available on the market: to some extent, it can even survive shocks without changes in operation characteristics.

In the course of welding, the thermal energy always causes deformations and distortions of the material. Atlantic spools are hand-straightened after welding.
The welding operations are carried out by experienced professionals.

The most important feature as compared to the competitors is the guide ensuring zero twists on the spool – otherwise the line would no longer fit on the spool (see the video on our website). The fixed turning knob is made of weather-resistant plastic. The friction brake is located at the centre of the spool, on the face side (designated by the sticker); the rolling friction can be adjusted using a 17 mm wrench. The friction is optimal if the spool stops on its own after pulling of the line is finished.

Take the end of the line with you after landing on some beautiful beach, tie it to a tree, return to the boat and tie the line to a bollard. Use a shackle when attaching the line to the anchor. It’s easy!

The spool fits vertical, horizontal or angled railings, pipe diameter 22-30 mm. The bracket includes 10 mm acid-resistant screws (2 pc.).
Atlantic-liinakela 6 ton / 50 m

The spool should be installed on the inside of the railing along the boat sides (consider the other boats at the marina) and on the outside of the railing at the bow or stern. The installation locations are case-specific.

If the line is constantly pulled at angles exceeding 15 degrees with respect to the guide, use the optional guide for free angles attachable to the railing. This keeps the spool’s own guide intact even in case of heavy use.

  • Manufacturing material thickness 6 mm
  • Spool weight (incl. line) 8.2 kg
  • Spool diameter 450 mm
  • Line space width 51 mm
  • Line width 50 mm
  • Length  45 m. With a reinforced loop at the end.

Price: 428,40 €

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Atlantic-liinakela 6 ton / 50 m Atlantic-liinakela 6 ton / 50 m